viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

When you reach me By: Rebecca Stead

Miranda and Sal are two regular kids who live in regular new york city neighborhood. they are experts on how to get them self's all across new york city. But when Sal gets punched for no reason and the hidden key to Miranda's apartment gets stolen the notes start coming in. To find out what the notes said you got to read the book. This book is an outstanding novel filled with remarkable characters and situation. It makes you feel like you actually in the book. Its a definite must-read.

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

The mysterious benedict society By:Trenton Lee Stuart

Just like the title,  the characters of the book are mysterious as well.Let me specify, someone puts an ad on the paper asking "Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities". Then thousands of kids come to take a series of tests. But only 4 pass. My favorite of all the characters is Kate Wetherall, a girl who could climb a flat wall with the help of her tool filled metal bucket. I think any child any age would have lots of fun with this great book.

miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Molly moon's incredible book of hypnotism By: Georgia Byng

Molly moon and her best friend Rocky Scarlet are the stars of our book. They are both orphans but they are about to embark on the greatest journey of their life's. When Molly finds a book at the library it changes her life forever. Molly learns to hypnotize people and animals by her eyes or her voice. I loved this book it really got me trying to hypnotize people, They would look at me like what the heck is wrong with this girl. But this books characters where really fun and exiting. In my opinion the best character was petula a brown pug. Why was she my favorite character?, well shes a pug who can super cool stuff that I will not tell you about because you have to read the book. But overall this was very good book that deserves a complete five gold stars.

Kiki Strike By: Kirsten Miller

This book is one of the greatest it is action packed fun with characters who are nice, strange, evil or just plain crazy. But later you'll find that the characters that look evil might be the good guys and the good may be bad. In the middle of the story everything takes a turn for the worst. This book stars the character Anaka who find many surprises under the boring city of new york. There's a whole new city under there where ll the criminals, and runaways hide. Find out what happens when you read the book. This book is mysterious exiting and a total cliff hanger, you will be at the edge of your seat with this book. I think this book is great for kids about ages 10 to 15, other ages might not enjoy it as much. But that does not mean its not a really awesome book.

Regarding the fountain By: Kate Klise

Regarding the fountain a story in letters, notes, newspapers, invitations and much more. It all started when the water fountain in a school broke and the principal had to get a new one and from there lots of things happen but to know what those things are you have to read the book. My review is : This book is a fun filled book for anybody it suits all ages. The plot is fantastic and the way its presented is just wonderful. The characters are very odd but very fun. I loved this book and I think any other child would love it too.

Meet the Cheesemans

 A whole nother story by: Dr.Cuthbert Soup

The Cheesemans are like no other family, Mr. and the late Mrs.Cheeseman invented a device so powerful that all the evildoers want to get their hands on it. So, Mr.Cheeseman a his three attractive, polite and relatively odor free children have to keep their identities secret as to escape from the villains. Do the villains get the device? Do the Cheesemans escape? To find out read the book! This book kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Its exiting, fun and full of action! I give this book a full five stars! My favorite character is the sock puppet named Steve, Why? you ask well because that character is hilarious and was given to the owner by his late mom. I loved the great big twist at the end it left you wondering.


My name is Adriana. In this blog I intend to provide my review for every book I read. I love reading and I have some personal favorite books that I would love to share with you! Among the first that I'm going to be writing about are School Of Fear series and A whole nother story series.
Today I'm going to be talking about School Of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari:
This book is avery exiting book that is about 4 kids who each have different phobias about something like water or bugs. Their parents send them to a place called the school of fear, where a Mrs. Wellington is going to help them get rid of their fear. But are they able to loose their fear or not? To finds out you have  to read the book!